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Team Attack USA Offers individualgroup & team training for interested youth, middle school & high school athletes



     Pre School Age Athletes:         Male & Female             Age 3 - 5           4:00p - 5:00p

     Elementary School Athletes:    Male & Female            Age 6 - 10         5:00p - 6:15p

     Middle School Athletes:           Male & Female            Age 11 – 14      6:30p - 8:00p

       High School Athletes:             Male & Female              Age 15 – 18      8:00p – 9:30p

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Individual Skillset and position training including speed, agility and quickness basketball training @ NEXT Level Training Academy for boys and girls ages three (3) - eighteen (18). The 75 minute training sessions  will cover the following: 

For Pre-School Athletes (Male & Female)Basketball 101+ Novice training. Footwork, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting & Fundamental Basketball Training for the Novice (or beginning) player! - Pre School Age Athletes, Ages 3-5 

For Elementary School Athletes (Male & Female) - Fundamentals Training: basic foundation and fundamental basketball drills (footwork, dribbling, shooting, offensive, defensive and offensive transition drills, ball passing drills {including working with weighted/heavy balls} and physical condition training, on ball defensive drills, off ball defensive drills, team defense drills, ball security drills and offensive and defensive rebounding drills - Elementary School Athletes, ages 6-10 

For Middle School Athletes (Male & Female) - Addressing the Mental aspect and preparation of one's game with drills that focus on the mental development and mental growth as well as Individual Skillset and Position training including creating spacing for more offensive scoring opportunities, utilizing ball screens, back screens, down screens, are whips, leg whips, post ball moves, catch & shoot opportunities, ball cuts & back door movements, reading, understanding 2nd level and 3rd level opportunities as they are presented in game situations and incorporating all of that into the athletes individual game, continued development on high level ball handling in one on one situations as well as handles in double team situations - Middle School Athletes, ages 11-14

For High School Athletes (Male & Female) - Conceptual Team training (Game situation(s)) and Specialized Position Training: Focusing on resistance training, quickness training and a high concentration on Skillset training by position as well as training that adds to ones skillset the necessary tools to elevate and separate one's game from the next athletes including, attacking the 2nd and 3rd level defenses with double and triple moves to free oneself for scoring opportunities, finishing under duress, resistance training to increase ones stamina, core strength and overall physical strength  - High School Athletes, ages 15-18


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